Buying a High-Grade Used Car: Important Things to Do

Gary Lambert | October 2, 2018 | 0 | Automotive

Buying used cars in Beaudesert is wise and practical—if done the right way. Many think it’s easy to figure out, but behind its rewards is a tricky buying process. To counter that, you must also be wise in dealing with suppliers.

Know the things to do before buying from a Beaudesert used car dealership:

Only deal with trusted sellers.

Yes, sellers—because you’ll need to compare prices and services before settling down. Also, reliable sellers don’t just flash you with tempting offers without laying down their groundwork. They should be clear on what they can provide—from the history of the used cars to test drives.

Spend more time researching.

In Australia, it’s been discovered that people spend more time researching vacation spots than used cars. With the latter, they happen to spend two hours or less. This is just wrong, as there are many fraudulent dealerships everywhere. And even established car dealerships can make mistakes.

So, as a wise used car buyer, you must find and get help. One website that can assist you is This website will help you get access to comprehensive history reports of pre-loved cars. Other stuff you can do to check the used car are…

…DIY inspections.

When virtual tools just don’t help, you can check the car in person. How can you make sure if you have a fair amount of knowledge about checking a car’s health? Don’t worry, as these tips will help you find out:

  • Check under the hood. An excessive amount of rust is a bad sign.
  • Inspect the hoses and belts. There should be no cracks.
  • See if the engine has leaked. Dark oil stains are signs of leakage.
  • Detach the oil filter cap. Don’t buy the car if the cap has foam residue.
  • Decent upholstery. Beware of hidden tears and rips.
  • Ensure that the A/C is working. Turn it on to see if it’s running well.
  • Review the odometer. Old cars with very low mileage are bad news.

These are the basic DIY inspections you can do. If you want to be really thorough, you can hire a technician. Bring them with you when you check the car in person.

Purchase at the right time.

Dealership yards are known for selling cheaper pre-owned cars at the end of the month. Thus, the right time to purchase is at the end of March or December. Because they need to get rid of these cars, they’re more than happy to give you better deals. On the other hand, if you’re buying from a private seller, there’s no deadline. Their eyes are only on the price.


You won’t regret buying a pre-owned car as long as you take the time and be really thorough in buying. On top of that, negotiating with trustworthy dealers will really impact everything.

Therefore, only deal with people you can really trust, like the representatives at Scenic Motors. They have been sending off happy customers who saved a bunch of dollars on buying high-grade used cars.

Browse their site,,  to browse their Scenic Ford car models and Scenic Hyundai stock.

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