As   from   6th   July   2016,   The   Marine   Resource   Centre   Limited   had   sold   the Barcaldine site and rights to moorings thereon to Scottish Sea Farms Limited. Having,   in   recent   years,   expended   significant   monies   in   increasing   the   available   facilities   and building   up   our   yacht   storage   activities   under   the   Barcaldine   Marine   brand,   this   was   not   the intention   of   the   owners   of   the   site.   However,   an   approach   and   offer   was   made   for   the   site   and   as a consequence, the owners have decided to accept the offer made. Whilst   the   site   has   been   sold   with   effect   from   6th   July   2016,   we   have   an   agreement   with   Scottish Sea   Farms   that   we   can   continue   to   provide   mooring   and   yacht   storage   services   until   31st October 2016. We    would    like    to    thank    all    of    our    loyal    customers    who    have    supported    Barcaldine    Marine throughout its journey and wish them well for the future. We   wish   Scottish   Sea   Farms   Limited   success   and   our   best   wishes   in   continuing   to   develop   the site at Barcaldine in the next chapter of the site’s long and varied history. Please contact the undersigned for further information: Martin Waterhouse Chief Executive The Marine Resource Centre Limited . Telephone: 01631 720291 Mobile: 07767380235 Email:
The Marine Resource Centre Limited Barcaldine, Oban, Argyll PA37 1SE Tel 01631 720291   Fax 01631 720590